A World of Difference — Romania


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Căsoaia (Arad), Romania

Dates: 14.—22.7. 2023

Participants: Karolína Šindlářová, Sofie Brinzikova, ​Radek Starý

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Project report:

Bună or hello from the training that took place from 14 to 22 July in the tourist complex Casoaia in eastern Romania.

We, as participants, were accommodated in bungalows, with 6 Erasmus participants in each bungalow. The nature around Casoaia was beautiful, high and densely wooded mountains dotted with wooden Orthodox crosses, I enjoyed our two organised trips throughout.
In the sessions with us, our trainer Sergio, or as I came to call him “coach”, first went over the theory of how to facilitate our own Erasmus youth exchange, gave us his tips from a lifetime of facilitation experience, and then we were tasked with designing, preparing, facilitating and evaluating our own youth exchange activities, after which there was time for constructive critiques done by both the trainer and fellow participants. I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and can confidently say that my skills have improved significantly.

Overall, this Erasmus has taught me a lot. As we took turns facilitating activities, our facilitation and critique improved day by day. I’m sure it was because we were an amazing team of positive and motivated people. Not only did I improve my facilitation skills, but I made so many good friends that I am sure I will see again somewhere in this beautiful world. Thank you EYCB.

Radek Starý

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