Action in Eco Direction II — Ukraine


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Two-part Youth Exchange

YE dates: 3-12 September 2018

Venue: Cottage – park “Slavna”, Okhtyrka, Sumy region, Ukraine

Please read the info-pack. This is a 2-part YE. The first part took place in Latvia in June 2018 and you can read more about the 1st part here.

Participants: Anna Smolíková, Petra Mazancová

Hosting organisation: Kulturas biedriba “Alternativa Realitate” (Latvia) a Center for Euroinitiatives (Ukraine)

Project report: 

It is the 3rd of september late night and we have just arrived to a beautiful place by a river with few wooden Cottage houses in the middle of Sumy – region in Ukraine. The project Action in ECO Direction begins! Actually its second part starts, the first one was in June in Latvia where all the participats from Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Italy met – 7 people for each team.

And what were we doing? The main topic was 3R (reuse, reduce, recycle). We had shared and discussed the waste management situations in our countrys, proposed some improvemets ad talked about possible alternatives such as 0 waste life. We also shot a short commercial to rise the awarness of litter polution in a funny way. But the main thing was to pass the idea of reusing to young kids, that is why we prepared upcycling workshops for 200 kids from the city Sumy.

It was the last day and we prepared everything in local library. When the kids came we started with a short performance to explain why we should upcycle and reuse things and then we made groups od 10 kids and the workshops could begin! Some of the kids were leaving proudly with new wallet made of cartoon box, with a beatifully painted jar or with a cute earphone holder made of old blanket.

And now the part that everyone hates – saying good byes L We bonded over the 10 days and I am sure it is just see you later in many cases. Because this is what you get at every Youth Exchange – new friends, great memories and some pretty good and usefull new skills and knowledge! See you later!

Anna Smolíková

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