Active Living: Sports as Everday Comforts — Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Youth Exchange Dates: 30 April – 6 May 2019

Participants: Jan Váša, Kateřina Hrdá, Dominika Hlaváčová, Natálie Odvárková

Group leader: Barbora Podešvová

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Hosting organisation: Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education

Participating countries: Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Greece

Project report: 

Hey! I’m Barb from the Czech Republic and few days ago I had an opportunity to participate in a project Active living: Sports as everyday comfort that was held in stunning venue called Uzana area in the mountains. It was pleasure for me and my Czech group to met other people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania, and Greece and spent the whole week by discovering different cultures, breaking the prejudices towards them, working in multicultural teams, and learning something new about sports.

A concept of the project was to acquire new knowledge and information about being active in our daily life, how we should change our lifestyle to prevent some of the chronical diseases, how to take the sport as a natural part of our live but also we were working in groups to use our critical thinking and come out with new ideas and solution to different issues related to sport activities in general. There were some days when we had to come out of our comfort zones and to hike the near mountain or play a tournament in football and dodge ball. During the all activities, I’ve learnt that despite our differences we all have so much in common about traveling, healthy lifestyle, or participation in Erasmus+ projects.

During the project I met amazing human beings whom I’ll keep in touch in the future with no doubts. I can’t even express how grateful I am for all the memories and that I could be part of this project. Erasmus+ projects are the most incredible events that may touch your heart for ever and where you can feel that you are part of the bigger European family! DO NOT miss the chance to know to your cost. I truly appreciate hospitality of Bulgarian organizations and I’d like to also thank the organization EYC Břeclav! We all will always remember that!

Barbora Podešvová

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