ANTIDOTE: Alternative Narratives for Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue to Overcome Stereotypes and Spread Equality — multi-phase: 2nd meeting — Romania


Program a akce: Europe for Citizens, Strand 1 “European Remembrance”, 2nd meeting of a multi-phase project

Veneu: Bucharest, Romania

Venue: 16—19 May 2022 

Czech team: Lucie Tatoušková Zita Kučerová Marek Berka

Please read the info-pack of this training course and the overall project info-pack.  Please also read the Czech team’s report from the kick-off meeting from Lucca, Italy, November 2021.

Hosting organisation: Alphabet Formation

Project report:

Why do we try to move these mountains? There is a reason we go above and beyond when we find someone. There is a reason we are still breathing, hoping one day…Although the ANTIDOTE training project in Bucharest was just three days long, it gave us hope, drive, and a reason to keep helping the world run better and improve people’s lives. Twenty-three wonderful people from 12 different countries came to one place to prove the thesis that evolution is here. With our collective powers and expertise, we can change the world for the better.

The main goal of this training was to promote cultural diversity and intercultural learning and improve the ability to teach the value of tolerance and conflict avoidance based on citizens’ marginalization. These goals were fulfilled by theoretical learning, practical investigation, and common sharing. First, the roots of immigration were introduced, then we took a slight dip in the history of the refugee crisis; subsequently, we talked about the stereotypes and differences in our local communities. In the end, we were able to come up with possible solutions on how to solve the integration of migrants into our society and how to educate our citizens on the acclimatization of these individuals.

Thanks to a very diverse group of participants, we gained a solid overview of the discussed topic and situation across Europe. Besides the super intensive and rich program, we got a chance to explore Romanian culture by having a guided tour throughout the city and two mouthwatering dinners in the town full of traditional food and desserts. Last but not least, we tasted a local wine and tried a traditional dance with local dancers inside the soul of Bucharest – Caru’cu bere, whose foundation lays a history of more than 140 years.

Thank you, Bucharest! Thank you, you, all the incredible people who made this experience unforgettable and reminded us what matters!

                                                                                                                      Lucie Tatoušková

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