Communication – The Key of Change — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Dates: 8—14 April 2024

Czech team: 4 participants.

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Hosting organisation: Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa de Sanguedo (Portuguese Red Cross – Delegation of Sanguedo)

Project report:

We participated together with the Czech team in a project called Communication- The Key of Change, without any problems we all landed in the beautiful Portuguese city of Porto, from where we moved on the project to the picturesque town of Santa Maria da Feira which was really like a fairy tale, right next to the town there was a castle on a hill, which we decided to visit almost immediately after arrival. The project as such I found very enriching, because communication is the key to everything. we learned for example how to speak in public, how to be more empathetic, how to impress better and also how to work more effectively in a team. All the time we were trained by very good mentors, thanks to whom we learned a lot of things and, most importantly, tried them out in practice.We were very lucky because we met a really great group of people on the project, even though we knew each other for only a few days, at the end of the stay it seemed like we had known each other forever, we really laughed a lot. During our free time we spent time together with the people from the project, we went for example on a great trip to Porto, or in the evening to the beach to watch the beautiful sunsets which at least for me with these people will be absolutely unforgettable. We’ve already arranged with a few people from the project to visit each other and show each other around where we live.  Thank you so much to EYCB and the Red Cross team for allowing us to be a part of this!!

Jiří F.

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