Be Tactful — Inclusiveness through Dance Contact Improvisation — Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: Youth Exchangee

Dates: 9—15 August 2021

Venue: Nigrán, Spain

Please read the info-pack. If you are a resident in Spain, Italy or the Czech Republic, please apply to take part in this youth exchange using the application form link in the info-pack.

Participant’s fee (collected by the hosing organisation upon arrival): €50/participant  

Participants’ age limit: 21-30

Team size: 6+1 group leader

Participating countries: Spain, Czech Republic, Italy

Hosting organisation: Asociación de Danza de Gondomar

Project description:

In this youth exchange we will mainly use Contact Improvisation as an universal body language, to
promote diversity and inclusiveness, and to make posible deep, emphatic and sincere
communication between people with cultural differences.

Mainly through improvisation and artistic expresion methods, will give tools for being able to set
limits and to build consent and to have non violent relationships based in respect and ethics of
care. We will focus on social aspects of human diversity, seeking for incluision and for healthier
and more aware relationships.

Participants’ profile/This project is for you if:

  • You’re not younger than 21 and not older than 30.
  • You’re officially resident of Spain, Italy or Czech Republic.
  • You have motivation and openness to connect with other people at a deeper level, through the body and through physical touch.
  • You have active interest in personal and group development, and in the all the emotional processes involved.
  • You have passion for dance and movement, and special interest in new integrative approaches throughout the body.
  • You have an intermediate knowledge of English, and you have the will to learn and improve your level of English or Spanish.
  • You are commited to participate in all phases of the


  • Contact Improvisation classes
  • Basic training on consent, care and gender
  • Group dynamics on inclusion and diversity
  • Thematic Jams
  • Spaces for debate and reflection
  • Tastes of other somatic techniques.

Provisional daily activities outline:

  • DAY 1 – Introduction to Contact Improv – Role playing
  • DAY 2 – Consent in dance – Forum – Diverse Jam
  • DAY 3 – Introduction to Contact Improv – Performance and inclusion – Dance of the oppressed – Mixed arts jam
  • DAY 4 – Inclusive jam – Performance on gender – Free evening
  • DAY 5 – Ideokinesis – Biodance and Contact – World café evaluation

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