Bee Divine — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Dates: 10—19 April 2023

National team: Sofiia Ilchenko (group leader), Andrea Musilová, Zuzana Havrdová, Vítek Hošek, Kristina Dlouhá, Sebastián Sleziak, Lucie Šidlová, Tereza Zvonařová, Markéta Lindáková

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: VerdeAgua

Participating countries: Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Croatia

Project report:

  Welcome to Portugal, to the project Bee divine in Serra da Estrela.

  And this is the first day that we spent on exercises to memorize all the names, because there are not so few participants, but 34 (9 of which are Czech, oops).

  And the next day we got closer to our topic of bees. Throughout the project, we studied as much information as we could about these very important insects: their types, lifestyle, habits, etc. At the end of the project, we even had a small competition in teams to learn about them. Also during the project, we were divided into small groups of 5-6 people to perform individual tasks.

  Also, we shouldn’t forget about our days outside the hostel, there were two of them. The first one was in a historical place with a rich history – Covilha, which is located half an hour from our hostel. We spent half a day there and had a variety of leisure activities. Our second joint outing was to the highest mountain in continental Portugal, which is also about half an hour away.

  An important part of our project was also the extracurricular part. For example, each team had their own time to present their country, with its traditional food, dances, traditions, and so on. We also had discos almost every night. Board game night, movie night, white party, and my favorite was the PAELA night. I have already listed so many things and I am still sure that I have forgotten something.

  Thank you very much to the organizers, facilitators and everyone who participated in the creation of this project, it was incredible!

  Ilchenko Sofiia

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