Changing Views – Slovenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Celje, Slovenia

Dates: 20-27 August 2016

Participants: Sharon Shlangman, Michala Nešetřilová, Lucie Spěváková, Marek Chrascina, Jan Farkaš, Adam Gaura

Group leader: Jana Pýchová

Please read the info-pack & daily activities programme

Participating countries: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Romania and Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Celjski mladinski center, javni zavod za mladinsko kulturo, izobraževanje, informiranje in šport (MCC)

Project info:

From the 20.8 till the 27.8.2016 the Czech Republic team from EYCB took part in an Erasmus+ project “Changing views” in Slovenian historical city Celje, with our friends from Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Italy. The main point of the project was the immigration crisis in Europe, so a topic that is a part of the nowadays problems. Of course we started with team building games and tried to get to know each other by a funny way. And yet! After two days we knew the names of all 35 participants. Now we were prepared to talk about immigrants. At the beginning we had a presentation from a psychological worker, she prepared a program for almost the whole day, we were resolving problems in groups, for example which passengers would you choose for a long long way by train in the same coupe? Polish prostitute? HIV positive young guy? Deaf musician who is playing something all the time? etc… Another days we had also a presentation with other guest, teacher, who cares for and lives with 7 youngsters from a foreign country, Old lady from Slovenia, who is a Serbian immigrant and spent most of her life traveling etc… One of the main points was make a newspaper together, so we listened to a speech of a local journalist about making it in an attractive way. So we made it! In the newspapers were articles like, how to obtain asylum in Celje, views of citizens of different ages on immigrants, a normal day of an erasmus+ participant, free hugs and the reaction and many others. Of course it was not everything about working, we also explored the city, where we lived. We visited a historical Old Castle, a local museum, we played city games, visited a lake, where we paddled on a boat. So we enjoyed all the time together and the more difficult it was to say goodbye. At the end we received a youthpass, which is very useful in everyday life and reality.

Marek Chrascina

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