Charisma Maxima – Croatia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue:Zagreb, Croatia  

Dates: 1-9 March 2015

Participants: Gabriela Otteová, Dominika Hlavová, Filip Tylš, Jan Chlápek, Jan Němec

Group leader: Zuzana Husarová

Please read the project info-pack 

Participating countries: Romania, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Croatia 

Project report:

Charisma Maxima

Great course for integrating intercultural society. The organizers took care of the program during the day and night.

Czech team was great and again we had one of the best tables in the presentation of cultural evening. The advantage is that the Croats know and love Czech humour.

Youth exchange is simply excellent:

Croatia is a beautiful country and Zagreb too. It was good that all the youth exchange is funded by EU.So if you are communicative  or you want to meet great interesting new people, it is for you.

You find new friends, get contacts and experience other cultures.

Croats are friendly and  htey have very creative program.

They leave space for your needs whatever your needs are.

For example, if you are sure you want to change your food diet, speak with the chef and they will do their best to please your wish.

If you’re not well, organizers will take care of you in order to feel comfortable.

The program is focused on personal development. We worked with our body, with our thoughts. We  learned how to go beyond our comfort zone and how to manage our time management.

Organizers: They are innovative and creative. First of all, they are not afraid of learning from their own mistakes and they were open to the change of program.

Hostel was in the heart of Zagreb. Very beautiful and comfortable place. We stayed in the rooms of 4-6 people.

I recommend this course for people who want to see more in the capital of Croatia  Zagreb and they want to get to know themselves in challenging situations. They will get better at their English while working with others and they will work on their personal development.


For me the course was a success, I liked countless new icebrakers to maintain our energy up. Also I liked a lot the feedback group and reflection with our team leader each day.

Filip Tylš 

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