From Citizen…Sheep to Citizenship — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Sarata Monteoru, Romania

Dates: 14—24 November 2023

National team: 4 participants (first time voters, aged 17—23) + 1 group leader (aged 18+). 17 year-olds can take part only if they will be 18 at the time of the European elections (1 June 2024).

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: ASOCIATIA ODEN

Project description:

Aim of the project is to increase European citizenship among youngsters and to stimulate participation in elections

Objectives are:
  1. increasing youngsters motivation for participation in voting (especially for EU parliament) and awareness of their rights and duties as European citizens
  2. developing spirit of European citizenship and civic engagement of youngsters in political and social life
  3. promoting non formal education methods (videos, theater, simulations etc) as tools to combat absenteeism in European and national elections

The methodology is based on nonformal education methods including presentations, debates, role play, theatre, storytelling, etc. The project activities will be preparation, introduction, getting to know each other, workshops in plenary and teams, outdoor activities, intercultural evenings, visits, reflection and evaluation according to agenda.

Final products expected: a visual campaign (video,flyers etc) to stimulate presence in voting and a magazine with conclusion from activities

What should you prepare:
  • a research about involvement of youngsters from your community/country in elections
  • statistics, legislation, political parties
  • be prepared to propose games, energizers, activities for free time or for our workshops
  • as we want to use as less plastic as possible please bring with you your own coffee/tea cup or mug and a bottle/recipient for water
  • for intercultural evening you have to bring some traditional food and drinks and to be ready to teach us a song or a dance. ATTENTION !! There is not possible to use kitchen for cooking (because of regulations about safety and hygiene ) so bring dry things …you can prepare short and easy meals that can be done without oven like salads etc…if you need some ingredients like vegetables, oil, salt, regular spices, bread etc. we can provide them.

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