From Citizen…Sheep to Citizenship — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Sarata Monteoru, Romania

Dates: 14—24 November 2023

National team: 4 participants + 1 group leader

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: ASOCIATIA ODEN

Project report:

Hello, i would to shere My experience and overwiew of this Erasmus project incredible and beutiful Sarata Monteneru Romania

Aim of the project is was increase European citizenship among youngsters and to stimulate participation in elections. And us yougsters to get more active citizens.

First days we little bit tired, of all that traveling to Sarata Monteneru and with introdaction to the whole project, peolpe, food nature, and with some rules. Anyway we enjoy it very well. „Inter Galatic Evenig“ was thing that every nation has to show their food, tradicions, dances, customs.

Sarata Monteneru is small beutifull vilige with nice people in it. Also we visited indistrial city of Buzau, with some unique architercuture people, and even a volacano!

Activites were very different from each other. Let say in one activiti we were tasked to make“egg glider“. The  egg was throwed from balcony to the ground a must survived. In other acriviti we were having our own political parties, and we need to make posters, fleyers, videos and so on to give our party the hieghst chance to win electins, between the participants. Of course we were having some trust games to gain trust to our Eurpoen neighbors, becouse we need to, co work together to achive the final resulr of elections. We were dealing, for example with political problems of each country, how we imagine the future world as well as with trying to find solutions for every task. Presentation of our results allowed us to practice English and move our level a little bit higher!

Objectives: Increasing youngsters motivation for participation in voting (especially for EU parliament) and awareness of their rights and duties as European citizens. Describe the various activities undertaken as part of the Erasmus+ program. This could include workshops, training sessions, cultural exchange events, and any other relevant activities.

We us a participants were from 8 countrys across the Europe, in Bulgarian, Czech, Grece, Spanish, Italian, Poland  teams were  having 5 participants .Romanian team were full of 6 participants, and Latvia were only 4 becouse their last member was ill. Organizers, and Leaders were Bogdan,Ismina and allso  Tolea were able to create a wonderful team without any single mistake!

Challenges weren’t that many as someone could think. English was for everbody understandtable everything. Only our chalange was the weather. It was rainstorm that we need to stay at the hotel for whole 2 days.

For next Erasmus+ project I would recommend more outside activites(more games, or tasks). Maybe more exotic,nacional, or tradicional Romanian food.


I learn many things abouth political systems in Europe, how propaganda works  and just in my country, but in every country witch in the same formula. Via TV, radio influencrs, and of course from people from the govermant. I understand that as youngsters we have grate power to change our politcs and future. After this project i will be more active citizen,then before like i will vote in EU parament. Conclusion i loved this project, and i think that was a great experience!

Thanks for ASOCIATIA ODEN for this awsome oprttunity from a great group allowing people to do amazing things. Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen! 



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