CLEAN: Cooperation between Leaders from European and Asian NGOs – Malta


Dates: 30 April – 7 May 2013

Venue: Sprachcaffe at Pembroke, Malta

Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Participants: Barbora Jakubcová, Lenka Ošťádalová

Project report:

Project CLEAN: Cooperation between Leaders from European and Asian NGOs took place in Malta, Pembroke. The training course was aimed at increasing awareness about the dangers posed to the environment and how to use non-formal education methods to protect the environment in an active way across two continents. The participants were from 12 different countriesand they were all very nice and friendly.

Every day schedule started at 9.30 am and finished at 7.30 pm. During the first days we got to know each other through different team building activities. The exciting one was a Treasure Hunt in medieval Mdina, which used to be the capital of Malta and is situated on a hill in the centre of the island. On the next day we learned about different types of education – formal, informal and non-formal education and YiA Programme. Then we were explained what ecocalculator means and how we can measure our personal carbon footprint. We had watched a video called “An inconvenient truth”  and then the discussion followed. During the last days we were preparing for the Green Earth Day which was held at the University of Malta. We had to make a research about the environment in our country and prepare the presentation. For the last activity we were divided into the groups and had to design a dress from the recyclable materials, think about the transport in Malta, prepare fresh and environmentally friendly food, research about houses which use renewable energy, and last but not least task was to prepare a booklet with our recommendations of best practice. All these presentations were open to public on Green Earth Day.

In addition to this formal programme we had the opportunity to go for a trip to Gozo and Comino island  and to Valletta which was an unforgetable experience for everyone. In the evenings there were two inter-cultural nights and NGO fair which was useful for sharing contacts and preparing new projects. Besides all activities, trips and evenings, everyone could enjoy beautiful sunny weather and swimming in a pool in our hotel.

As a result of this project we found out that protection of the environment is very important and everyone can contribute.

Barbora Jakubcová


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