Compos Mentis: Inclusion and Mental Well-being in Youth Projects — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: multi-phase training course

Venue: Villa Re-Zone, Rabka Zdrój, Poland


  1. training course: 14—21 August 2021,
  2. training course: 14—21 September 2021

Participants/country: 3

Please read the info-pack for TC #1 (14—21 Augut)info-pack for TC #2 (14—21 September)

Hosting organisation: Nausika

Participating countries: Greece, Croatia, Georgia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic

Participants: Martin Žaba, Iva Černá, Anastasie Juskovecká

Padlet with materials:

Video guide summing up Compos Mentis:

Project report:

Training course Compos mentis took place in a Polish town Rabka – Zdroj, not far away from the gorgeous Tatra mountains. Teams from Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Georgia, Sweden, Czech Republic and Poland met in the Villa ReZone on 14th of August. This project was organized by Nausika and it was targeted to mental well-being in youth projects.

We started the first day with getting to know each other activities and then we got straight to work! 

The main goal of this one week long training course was to learn about different types of mental disorders and psychotherapeutic approaches so we’ll be able to use this knowledge during our work with young people. 

Even though it might seem like a lot of theoretical work, we used a lot of different methods and exercises, we did a case study, and we even had a LARP session and a theatre session. At the evenings we played a lot of board games, we tried LARP chess and enjoyed some self-care time in sauna and jacuzzi as well. In the middle of the week, we used our free afternoon to explore Rabka a little bit further, some of us headed to the museum and the ones who were excited for a little bit of adrenaline went to play paintball.

I think our group got along very well and we have many ideas what we want to create at the second, more practical part of the project which will start in the middle of the September.

I would like to thank to organisers from Nausika, because they truly did a great job and also to guys from EYCB who are sending Czech groups on projects like this – it wouldn’t be possible without you. 


Iva Černá

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