Connecting without Connection — Estonia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Dates: 17-24 June 2013

Venue: Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia

Participating countries: Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain

Participants: Alžběta Karolyiová, Jakub Loun, Marek Hrdina, Lukáš Mišinger, Monika Zemanová, Markéta Bartoníčková

Project report

Connecting without Connection is what we did for one week starting 16th June 2013 in Kuressaare. It is a wonderful town with SPA history
on lovely Estonian island – Saaremaa. A group of young and active people from five European countries got together to discuss current problems of online communication affecting process of socialisation as well as health of young generation.

One of the main outputs of group activities was The Code of Safe Internet Usage as a result of group discussions. During the week, participants had an opportunity to communicate and interact in traditional ways and to state their opinion on online communication
effects. It was not only about workshops, presentations and discussions, but also activities as CityGame, making interview with national TV or local radio, special Movement workshop , exploring Sauna culture and mainly – exploring other cultures.

Finally, participants tried to find ways how to disseminate the project outputs in their home countries and their environment. I can confirm that the organisers made excellent piece of work despite it was their first project and they were all young students. I hope it was not their last project and expect the project results to be spread with help of participants as much as possible!

Jakub Loun

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