Discover Sustainable Development — Poland


Dates: 7-14 October 2013

Venue: Kopaniec, Poland

Participants: Petra Chudárková, Jana Mančíková, Kristína Štrbová, Pavla Lukášová

Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Participating countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Lithuania

Project report:

            Unforgettable scenery in the Izera Mountains, beautiful landscape colored by autumn, comfortable accommodation on the farm, view of medieval settlement of 13th century, delicious food, kindly hosts, duo pony and sheep, nice people from different countries, trying to understand other Slavic languages…This is part of my memories from the training course “Discover Sustainable Development”, which took place in Poland.

            It started in Wroclaw, where the participants from the Czech Republic, UK, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovenia got together at the meeting point. The mini-bus with the Polish Organizers waited for the raring young people and took us to the “Farm 69“, located in Kopaniec. The “Farm 69” became our home for eight days and we spent great time there. We lived in nice wooden houses on mountains, near where the cows grazed, and one pony and one sheep were still accompanied us around of our houses.

The concept “Sustainable Development” was our daily password. We spent the time by learning many things about the issue, during the team-building activities, presenting, playing and knowing each other. It caused that the issue of the “Sustainable Development” became clearer for us. 

We explored a medieval settlement, performing lifestyle and common occupation of village inhabitants in 13th century, which was a part of the “Farm 69”. Our host, Mr. Podwiński told us everything about how it was build, how our ancestors lived, and finally we could try everything. Organizers also took us on the trip to seeing a waterfall in Karkonosze National Park and visiting Szklarska Poręba town. 

The one of my best experience on this project were meditation sessions, which provided our “guru” Luke from UK. His spiritually tuned words in combination with a sunshine above our heads and surrounded by sounds of Nature, made really magically feelings.

It has been a good experience, not only for what we learnt on this project, but also for the new friendships between different cultures, which we created there.


Kristína Štrbová

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