Job R-Evolve – Activity 1: Employability – Albania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Two inter-connected training courses: 

  1. Job R-Evolve – Activity 1: Employability – Dures, Albania, 13-21 June 2018.
  2. Job R-Evolve – Activity 2: Entrepreneurship – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 30 July – 8 August 2018

Participants: Activity 1: two participants: Alice P., Barbora Bräunerová

Participants for Activity 2: 3 participants

Hosting organisationMore Mosaic

Project information: 

Job R-Evolve was a training course in Albania. The training started on 13th of June and ended on 21th of June. The participating countries were Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Spain. The main goal of the project was to share the best practices of successful countries on youth employment, discovering job opportunity platforms accessible for the EU countries and receiving input from the trainers. These were done by professional trainers. During many workshops we discovered more about youth unemployment in different countries and received useful tips and advices regarding our working life. Moreover, we learnt how to write CV and how to behave during a job interview.

All participants were accommodated in Hotel Bonita in shared rooms. There were three participants in each room of different nationalities. This helped us to discover more about other cultures during our free time. Food was provided four times a day in a form of buffet.

Days were divided into morning and afternoon sessions with two coffee breaks. It enabled the participants to be fully concentrated during the workshops. Every session was focus on different topic. As an example, I can mention Time management, Body langue or Basics of negotiation. For three evenings there was intercultural night where different countries presented their traditions and typical food. To represent The Czech Republic, we showed a video describing our country, later we divided participants in groups and gave a quiz to find out how much do they know about the country. We showed them how to dance polka and offered them various types of typical Czech food.


Overall, I consider this training to be very valuable experience for my future and I am sure I will use some information we received while looking for a job in the future.

Alice P.

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