Discover Green Jobs — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Lahage, France

Dates: 22-30 July 2019

ParticipantsJoanna Piętaková, Monika Janatová, Munkhsaran Galbaatar, Adam Továrek, Veronika Voldřichová

Host organisation: Association 3PA

Participating countries: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Algeria, Greece, Spain

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Project report: 

On Monday, July 22th our Czech team gathered at the airport excited about going on project in France. We arrived to our accomodation in a beautiful small village of Rieumes, which we loved at a first sight. There where groups of five people from each country – Algeria, Spain, Germany, Greece, France, and of course the Czech republic, so first evening we spent playing lots of ice-breakers and energizers to get to know each other better.

First few days we were going to the base of the 3PA, the hosting organisation, in Lahage. As the topic says, we were discovering green jobs, jobs connected with nature, environment and ecology. We have some workshops and talks about Earth’s environment and ecological problems, but we also experienced green jobs on our own skin! We’ve tried to become carpenters and made some wooden furniture, we made our own soaps, went to a farm and did some gardening such as planting or collecting vegetables.. in a super hot weather of southern France it was not that easy, but we all liked it! The great fun was also making bricks for sustainable houses from clay, water and straw. We turned it into a big fight, so we all ended up totally dirty.

On Saturday we went to Toulouse, the 4th biggest city in France. We have been to Natural History Museum, and then we did some sightseeing. Even though the weather was not good, we enjoyed and loved this city! We have also visited the Pyrenees, where we visited local market and Tiny House Factory. Then we went for a hike and swam in a mountain lake. It was an incredible experience! Last day we had evaluation time to sum up all we did, discovered and experienced. Now it’s only up to us, how we will bring to life things that we’ve learned in order to improve our lives and everyday habits.

This project was really well organised, we did a lot of different stuff, learned a bunch of new things, made new friendships and had a lot of fun! So, don’t hesitate and go check other projects, you still have the chance to experience Erasmus+.

Au revoir!

Joanna Piętaková  

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