I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth – Norway


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Visnes, Norway

Dates: 23-30 November 2016

Participants: Barbora Wagnerová, Martin Kuljovský

Please find all available information about the project here

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia (FYROM), Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Portugal

Hosting organisationNitin Norway

Project report:

It was on the 22nd of November morning when i started my trip from Barcelona to a small village in the south part of Norway. My destination has been Visnes an old mining town. And purpose of this journey? Together with Barbora (2nd participant from Czech Rep) represent our small country in the best possible way on one of ERASMUS+ projects.


At the evening all 23 participants from 12 different countries: Slovakia, Czech Rep., United Kingdom, Hungary, Cyprus, Norway, Romania, Denmark, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal and Germany together with 1 trainer and 1 facilitator started life changing/couching TC with suitable name I Have a Dream. Given to the topic matter, participants of this project were wisely selected and almost all of them work with youth or are involved in NGO. This was one of things which helped us create and good international team together with many teambuildings/ice breakers games.


Organizators Have provided as a cozy rooms always for 4 people and part of this same building was a dinning room. This dinning room was vegy free and we enjoyed wonderfull food from different countries and even more always fresh and healthy! Next building was always open for those who wanted to play pool, ping pong or table football. But main part of this project took place in training room which as well serve as meeting room of Vigings club.


Every day sessions started with yoga and meditaion which was one of tools used in this TC. Other tools as lessons of time managment or creating your own vision boards are really powerfull methods how to improve but mainly discover of himself. We got many daily hints on which each of us can work during daily life in order to stay/think possitive and encourage himself and achieve own goals.


During the project was time as well for us to show and share with others books, games or even food and drings during international evenings. Good point was that each theoretical part has been followed by practical one together with open discussion afterwards.


This project has made an great impact on me and I would recommend this to everyone who is not sure what/how to do/things and mainly wants develop own mind and personality.


Martin Kuljovský

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