Easy Drugs Don’t Make Your Life Easy — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Sarata Monteoru & Buzau, Romania

Dates: 3 – 12 April 2019

Participants: Jakub Vařeka, Karolína Hájková, Amáta Vohradská, Anna Mikulová, Mia Kolínská

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Hosting organisation: HAIR REDIVIVUS BUZAU

Participating countries: Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania 

Press release:


HAIR REDIVIVUS BUZAU ASSOCIATION announces the implementation of the EASY DRUGS DO NOT MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY youth exchange within the framework of the action KA 1 – Youth Mobility – of the Erasmus + program.
The partnership includes 42 young people from 8 european countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Romania. Mobility is planned from 3 to 12 April 2019 at Sarata Monteoru and Buzau.
The context of the project is one in which young people are increasingly consuming easy drugs that lead to negative physical, mental and social effects.
The aim of the project is to prevent and combat the use of easy drugs and ethnobotanic substances and the effects on the physical, mental and social level.
The methodology will be dynamic and diverse and will be based on nonformal education. It will include games, presentations, lectures, simulations, workshops, visits, intercultural evenings.
The project activities will be training, introduction, getting to know eachother and trust, team buiding and group dynamics, the presentation of the Erasmus + program and the youthpass certification, cultural and study visits in Buzau County. There will be 7 thematic workshops where the causes and effects of easy drug use will be identified and analyzed and measures and solutions to prevent consumption will be identified. In the creative workshops will be prepared a visual campaign consisting of making videos, posters, flyers to combat the use of easy drugs
HAIR REDIVIVUS BUZAU ASSOCIATION is a youth structure that supports projects and youth initiatives.For details about this project and other aspects of our work please contact us at [email protected]

Project manager,
Tolea Postovei

‘This project is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [reflects] only the views of the author, and the Commission can not be held responsible for the use of the information it contains. ‘



Project report: 


Good morning very much!

            This unusual greeting was also the unofficial motto of our project Easy Drugs Does Not Make Your Life Easy which took place in lovely Romanian country town Sărata-Monteoru. Its main goal was to prevent drug usage and combat it by spreading awareness among young people. Us, meaning Czechs, were only one group from total of eight national teams including Croatians, Poles, Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Netherlanders and the hosting Romanians, each represented by a group of five. We arrived to Bucharest (NOT BUDAPEST as some participants wrongly thought and were kindly reminded by Romanian participants several times) on the 3rd of April and got at least briefly acquainted with one-another. After this a bus took us to the location itself where our project leader, Tolea Postovei from Hair Redivius Buzau, prepared a very well received meeting activity, welcome beer.

            The next day started with an “energizer” activity to get our blood running again which became a regularity for the rest of the project. Rest of the day was entirely devoted to meeting each-other properly and we played some games for that purpose. Usually during these activities, language barrier can be a problem for some, not in this case. Everyone got well received by others and soon found out that they don’t have to be fluent speakers to be able to express themselves. This may seem like a small thing but it perfectly shows how great and friendly the atmosphere was right from the get-go. That evening followed with an event called “Intercultural Night” where we represented our countries and provided everyone with as much traditional delicacies as we could fit in our luggages. The following days were finally in the tone of the project’s topic, that being drug prevention. We started off with some discussions and ideas which we filtered on posters and “land art” in the nearby forrest. Slowly, we managed to get from these brainstorming activities to larger projects like theatre or flyers but for most, the peak of this were two days devoted to creating videos about drug prevention. The videos came out great with different formats selected and stretching from two minute-long spots to a short film with screen time of twenty minutes! For our efforts, we were rewarded by a participation in Romanian national sport, barbecue!

            The last two days we spent in Buzau, a nearby city with the intent to show our achievements to local youngsters and a representative from local police came to talk to us about drugs and combating them in Romania. This time however, the language barrier proved to be a problem for some but we managed to walk around it a bit a deliver the message, mostly because of the creative videos which were screened during this event.

            There wouldn’t be a proper goodbye without a final party which was organised by Tolea, who ordered pizza and some beers or coke for us as a “reward” for “surviving” and participating in the project but really it is him who deserves a big thanks for organising this project as well as all the people from EYCB who sent us underway, so thank you very much!

Jakub Vařeka

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