PRIDE — Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices — Armenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Long term training course  (TC)

Venue for the 1st TC: Aghveran, Armenia

Dates for the 1st TC: 25 February – 4 March 2018

Venue for the 2nd TC: Yerevan, Armenia 

Dates for the 2nd TC: 5-13 May 2018

Participants: Ivan Rosa, Mirek Říkovský

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Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey

Hosting organisation: NGO More Mosaic (Sweden) & Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia)

Project info: The Long Term Training Course “Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices” is intended for youth workers, youth trainers and facilitators who are ready to work on the topics of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination in order to activate the potential of diversity in trainings and work with young people both at National and the European levels.

Project report from 1st TC (25 February – 4 March):



From 25th of February until 4th of March I took part in the first part of Long term Training course PRIDE (abbreviation standing for “Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices”) hosted in the middle of “the mountainous island“ Armenia.

Training course gathered 35 youth workers, youth trainers and facilitators from 14 countries. As this was capacity building – multi layer project, countries from all corners of European Union were presented together with Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Macedonia and Serbia. The main goal of this activity was to support participants (us) in incorporation of diversity and diversity-oriented attitudes into our working environment and making our daily work more inclusive and effective. We were provided not only with theoretical aspects of this concepts, but also with practical tools, methods and instruments of non formal education that we can (and we will) implement in our local communities. The activities were conducted by truly impressive trainers – Grigor, full of knowledge about presented issues (no doubt, the guy has 3 master degrees and he is around 30) and cheerful Radu, always focused on group dynamic and productive work environment.

But it was not all about acquiring (knowledge). We also shared our best practices with the project topics as well as numerous personal stories and experience. We discussed how the European Youth Work can reinforce equality and ensure that diverse groups of people get equal treatment during their education. Moreover we were strengthening the cooperation between our organizations and planning common activities for the future.   

After eight days we said our goodbyes, returning to our homes with activities planned in order to disseminate what we learned and use it all in practice. But it is not over, we will meet again in beginning of May and present our results during evaluation seminar in Yerevan.

My last words belong to EYCB, as to the sending organization; Many thanks for this opportunity guys! I truly appreciate your work style characterized by patience & precision. Great job!

Ivan Rosa

Project report from 2nd TC (5 – 13 May):

At the beginning of May 2018, I had a pleasure to participate in the third part of Multilayer project PRIDE: Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices, that took place in, at that time, revolutionary Yerevan.


After comprehensive Training course in Armenia (February 2018) and consecutive implementations of acquired methods in local communities, the third part of PRIDE came up with the idea of Capacity building seminar for 14 EU and non-EU countries, represented by small groups of Youth workers, Social workers and NGO delegates. 


The main aim was to share success stories from our communities; How we were able to use all the knowledge and skills gained in previous training, what activities we developed and most importantly, what impact we have made. During 8 intensive days, we learned a lot about diversity, its challenges and issues, especially in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, we discussed how the European Youth Work can ensure that diverse groups of people get equal treatment during the education process, and met a lot of relevant stakeholders in this matter. The third part also enabled us to develop skills in project planning and to draft common initiatives dealing with diversity and inclusion.


The final conference in Yerevan accumulated all relevant stakeholders, representatives of local NGOs, youth workers, and youngsters, in order to present the Pride and its most important outputs. I personally consider this as the highlight of this initiative proving its relevance and importance.

To conclude I would like to thank EYCB, that gave me the opportunity to participate in this project and to emphasize the name of organizers; Armenian Progressive Youth and More Mosaic from Sweden. If I would have to say what I have acquired during all of this time in Armenia, in just one word, I would say Inspiration, not only on the professional but also on personal level.

Ivan Rosa

Please watch a video from the 2nd part of this wonderful project:

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