The Color of the Oppressed – France


Programme: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 29 November—10 December 2021

Venue: Bédeille, France

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Participating countries: Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia


Hostitelská organizace: SolAfrika

Popis projektu:

There is a common observation, among the youth workers and activists in all the partners countries taking part to this project (some more than others) about the discrimination in general, and the gender and LGTBQI+ ones in particular.

Although human rights make progress in that matter in a lot of countries, there is (especially in disadvantaged social background and rural areas) still a strong reject and most of all a vivid misundertanding of the lives, choices and singularities of others.

With this project we want to carry values of understanding, living together, tolerance and inclusion on a practical and everyday life level, and explore how to promote human rights relying on performing arts as our main tool.


Non-formal and popular education has the role to complete and add to formal education, the objectives of this project is to question and reduce discrimination and violence towards people whose gender identity and choices are different, and on a larger extent to any people we perceive as different, by giving participants tools to rely on and develop in their work and life environement.


Applied theater, the socio-educative tool we want to transmit and explore through this training course, has many forms and gives very large possibilities to adapt to different audiences, different backgrounds and different situations. It is at the same time an artistic and technical practice, which encourage the development of creativity, expression, catharsis and it is also a social practice, pretext to dialogue, to spreading opinion, to raising controversy.

We intend this project as a basis for the raising of a common issue, for the development of applied theater as a tool and for the creation of more partnerships and more links between european youth actors to give more weight to action.


European youth/social workers or students, civil society actors and activists of any background and any age.

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