The Color of the Oppressed – France


Programme: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 29 November—9 December 2021

Venue: Bédeille, France

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia


Hostitelská organizace: SolAfrika

Czech team: Ariunsolongo Orgilon, Barbora Feckaničová, Denisa Báčová, Veronika Kultová

Report from project:

Bonjour, bienvenue en France! Welcome to France, Bédeille!!

Welcome to the world full of happiness, creativity and friendship. It was my pleasure to travel to France (Béidelle) with four other Czech girls on the 29th November. We were really excited about the project “Colors of the Oppressed “ that ended on 9th December. There were five people from Cyprus, four people from Czech Republic, two people from Romania and one from the hosting country France, unfortunately because of covid-19 people from Estonia, Serbia and Macedonia couldn’t attend with us. 


Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our leaders – Javiar, Maria and Yanis, and our amazing caring personal Julia and Maeva from SolAfrica. During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and thanks to many group works, we were able to cooperate quite easily. 

We talked a lot about human rights in every country we come from, and about LGBTIQ+ community and also a lot about different theaters for example invisible theater, image theater ect. We practised trust in each other, played lots of blind games and how to express ourself in society. 


Moreover, we experienced quite a lot of French culture, great French food, drinks and we had a lot of opportunities to explore the village Béidelle and amazing nature. 


Considering it all in all, this project had something special in itself. Everything was so amazing and interesting from each of us’ perspectivesWhat is glorious is the cooperation between nations, realizing that society probléms and probléms in political parties about LGBTIQ+ hate crimes and hate speeches. During the project, we all created a performance about hate speeches about LGBTIQ+ awareness in public. Now, when we are back home we can try and spread it in the countries where we come from. We can start with creating a lot of beautiful things or we use education as the most powerful weapon to change the world. Everything is up to us. 


To sum it up, if there is no EYCB as a great group allowing a lot of people to do amazing things EYCB would have to be invented! Thanks a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen!

Special Thanks to SolAfricas workers Julia and Maeva, and our amazing trainis Javier, Maria and Yanis. 

                                                                                                               Ariunsolongo Orgilon

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