Creative Construction: (G8) way 2 Entrepreneurship — Romania


Date: 3-9 March 2013

Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Pax: Ondřej Skála, Jan Červinka

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course (PBA = partnership building activity)

Project report:  

We participated in projekt PBA Creative Construction, which took place in Bucharest, capital of Romania. We saw actually a lot from Romania because we decided to travel by train. Generaly Romania is a poor country, but they have very nice mountains and see.There were 8 countries involved in this project: Romania, Italy, Portugal, Moldau, Macedonia, Czech rep., Russia and Ukraine. The lectors were from Italy and Portugal and they had a lot of experience. During this project, we were working in small groups on many small projects, which were connected with the topic of this activity – Enterpreneurship. 


The program started each morning at 10 and we had a lot to do till the night hours. During the activities in this project, we had a chance to get to know each other and other cultures. Most of the people visited Bucharest for the first time. We were suprised how beautiful this city is. The Romanians guided us through the city centre and we took many fotos. Nevertheless the night life in Bucharest is similar to the night life in Prague. We were lucky because of the football match between Chelsea and Steeua Bucharest, which was a real highlight of our stay. We had a really great time, for which we thank to EYCB and organisers.


Ondřej Skála

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