Decide You(th) — Austria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 25 June—2 July 2022 

Venue Salzburg, Austria

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Verein MARK für kulturelle und soziale Arbeit

Czech team: Kristýna Podoláková, Martina Kvapilová, Jan Jakubec

Project report: 

It is end of the school year, everybody is getting ready for their summer plans and so do I. My plan is a training course in Salzburg. I am currently packing my things and my mind is full of questions. Will I like it there? What is it like participating in a training course? Will other participants be nice? 

For everybody doubting if they will like it at a project, same as I did, my answer is “Yes, for sure”. Once I set my foot on the Salzburg train station and met other Czech participants, I immediately knew that this training course is going to be a great time.   

Our training course started 25th June in beautiful city Salzburg. For upcoming nine days our mission was to learn as much about decision making as we can. Lets get “Decide Youth 2022” started! 

At first we arrived to our accommodation and met other participants. There were three participants from each of following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Everybody was so lovely and during all nine days we had no problems in-between participants. <3 

Thanks to a lot of activities we had many opportunities to get to know each other, learn from others, inspire&be inspired. We did not only practice our English during our lessons or while presenting our work. But also for example on International night, which was a great time to share our culture with each other. 

During the week we had been learning from our trainers. But the best learning experience was preparing our own lesson for other participants. Communication in the team, making team decisions and creating learning experience for our new Erasmus+ friends was great practice of everything we had learnt.  

And about Salzburg? We got to experience so much of this beautiful city. Great afternoon city walks and one cool hike were an amazing part of our days. We even went to local music club with our Erasmus+ friendgroup. I very much enjoyed opportunity to see Portugal people react to Austrian traditional music that was played in the club. Overall, we had a great time.

I would like to thank everybody from EYCB for mediation of this amazing opportunity. You gave us, three young Czech participants, a chance to meet so many great people, create new memories and deepen our knowledge on Decision making. Overall, thank you very much every single person working on this project! 

                                                                                                                                           Kristýna Podoláková

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