Development of Youth Workers with Simulation — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 9—18 June 2023

Czech team: 6 participants + 1 group leader

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Hosting organisation: Sports Referral Platform Youth Group

Project report:

The training course named “Development of youth workers” took part in the suburb of Ankara within days 9. – 18.6. 2023. We were accommodated in police training center Çasgem where we were also having typical turkish meals.

Together with people from Poland, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Turkey we had the most wonderful experience. It was an incredibly enjoyable and engaging learning opportunity that truly exceeded our expectations.

One of the highlights of this training course was the emphasis on practical application. Rather than just learning theoretical concepts, we were actively involved in simulated real-life scenarios. These simulations were carefully designed to replicate the challenges and situations that youth workers could face in their work. By participating in these simulations, we had the opportunity to put our knowledge and skills into action.

Throughout the course, the trainers and facilitators provided excellent guidance and support. They not only created a safe and supportive environment but also offered insightful feedback and conducted debriefing sessions after each simulation. These sessions allowed us to reflect on our performance, learn from our mistakes, and identify areas for improvement.

On the behalf of whole Czech team, I would like to thank all of the participants for making inclusive and active enviroment, Emirhan and Çanzu for great facilitating and EYCB for smooth cooperation while taking care of the pre-project preparation. 

Jan Schmid

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