Digital Competences in NFE — online


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: online

TC dates: 17-28 August 2020

Participants: Petra Rychlíková, Matěj Valenta, Ha My Luongová

Host organisation: NaturKultur e.V. (Germany)

Participating countries: Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, North Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania and Germany

Project info:

This is an Online Course for people active in youth work who want to improve their digital competences, get practical information and gain new skills and knowledge that they can immediately start using in their own work and the work of their organisation.

Digital technologies and social media play important role in our society. A research made about this topic “A decade of digital dependency” shows that average adults spend more than 24 hours per week online, while one fifth of adults spends more than 40 hours per week on internet. Social media became most influential media of the 21st century. The social media platforms are most important communication tools used by all actors in the society (business community, civil society organizations, political parties etc.). Youth workers are not an exception.

Aim: Improve youth workers digital competence and equip them with the tools that will improve their work with young people.


  • To contribute to improved quality of work and increased visibility of youth organisations
  • To equip youth workers with practical knowledge and skills on how effectively to use their digital competences in their work and the work of their organisation
  • To strengten the capacity of the youth organiyations
  • To create systems that will help the management of the organizations
  • To implement an online KA1 training course and to share the results and learning outcomes with other organisations that are interested to organize online trainings instead of residential ones


We will have workshops in the morning (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) during the two weeks period (17.-28.8.) . The course consists of 6 sessions:

  • 1st session: Introduction to the course, getting to know each other, fears and expectations, Youthpass and reflection
  • 2nd session: Communication strategy through digital technology
  • 3rd session: Digital content creation (photography and video making)
  • 4th session: Social media in youth work
  • 5th session: Digital safety and security, protecting yourself and your organisation online
  • 6th session: Future steps, networking, evaluation, closure of the course


This was the first online training course I have taken, and also this was the first online training course that NaturKultur organized! To be precise, this course was written as classical face2face TC; but due to the covid situation, they decided to carry it in online environment that gave a chance to participate to people – literally – from the whole Europe! 


But to talk about the things we did and learnt… First of all, we were meeting 3 times a week, always for 3 hour. During that time, we got theoretical explanation about the problem, concrete guideline how to find a solution, and group work, where we got a chance to cooperate with other participants. I, personally, appreciated the day, where we were creating a social media post for a fake NGO in Canva, or the day where we learnt how to take profi photos and we got a chance to create our own video in super free app “Vlogit”. Another days were destined for creation of campaign on social media and computer maintenance. 


I have to say that this project was great in matters of quality, friendliness, and helpfulness of organizers. I hope that NaturKultur will conduct some other online course soon, as I am totally into participating!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Petra Rychlíková

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