Discover Green Jobs – France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Poucharramet, France

Dates: 24-31 July 2017

Participants: Martina Steklá, Anna Hozmanová, Pavel Mazanec, Miroslav Kovář, Petra Králová

Please read the info-pack and watch the project video

Participating countries: Czech Republic, France, Algeria, Latvia, Greece, Romania

Hosting organisationAssociation 3PA

Project report: 

The project took place in a tiny village of Poucharramet in Southern France at it was quite unusual. The topics of this project were ecology and sustainable development and we learn all the information about the topic in a very practical way. Almost all the activities took place outside, all the organizers were very enthusiastic about the topic of the project and they wanted to show us as much as possible about ecological lifestyle.

After our arrival, there was a brief teambuilding activity and after this we started immediately to focus on the topic of the project. Our accommodation was 8 km from the venue of the project, so the organizers took us every morning to the venue by their cars and minibuses. In this place, there were many practical workshops: first day, we learned how to produce an ecological fertilizer from plants, we made a natural soap and we digged out some potatoes. In the other days, we tried two different technologies to build an ecological house and we could also choose one of three activities: to make a solar cooker, to build a compost container from wooden pallets or to prepare some food from local plants.

We were not all the time in the venue of the project, there were also two trips. The first one was to the Pyrenees mountains, where we met a shepherd who told us some interesting information about his work and lifestyle, then we made some photos of local plants, animals and landscape during a photography workshop and discovered some species of local plants. In the end of the day, we visited a local cheese producer and we could swim in a lake. Second trip was to the city of Toulouse, where we visited a local organization which gives work to socially disadvantaged people and then we had some free time in the city centre.

To sum it up, we discovered many possibilities of ecological lifestyle, enjoyed an unforgettable week in nature and met a lot of interesting people from many different countries.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Miroslav Kovář

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