Youth Are Talking About Career and Employment – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Sorgun, Yozgat, Turkey

Dates: 28 March – 4 April 2016

Participants: Beáta Serafinová, Lukáš Štepka, Tomáš Kochlöffel

Please read the info-pack a daily programme

Participating countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Greece, Poland

Hosting organisation: Sorgun Youth Association

Project report:

From 28 March to 4 April I spent a pleasure time in Turkey  with another two Czech participants Lukáš and Tomáš.  We have been together with other young people  and also with experts from European youth organizations from 11 European nationalities. The special feature of this project was also in the diversity of participants: college students, young workers, teachers, high school or university students, long-time workers. 

A week in the center of Turkey, a 3-hour bus from Ankara, with a lively confrontation between young people from Lithuania, Estonia, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and indeed the masters of Turkey. There was a representation of different age groups and  was very interesting to see how everyone started bringing into play his own experience and communicating in English.

 Our training course was led by two young, attractive and crazy Turkish guys Aytac and Caglar. Thanks to them, because they and also  the main organizer Halil made the project easygoing, enjoyable, friendly and professional at the same time. Everything was very well organised and every day was busy.  First day we played a lot of cooperative and entertaining games such as to build bridges to connect the chairs and pass a boiled egg without touching it with your hands. Through games we get closer each other and to the main topic. We did a lot of activities, experienced series of lectures, debates and we had shared our opinions on various topics like occupation, work and career, youth’s knowledge, labour market and also about economic, social and psychological problems of youth. We were talking about the global problem of youth unemployment. Among the causes are unmentionable growing world population and global economic crisis. With long-term consequences that lead young people to find new episodes of unemployment, to have consequences on their health and on their own happiness, to live a marginalization and social exclusion. Finally, the youth unemployment can lead to violence and negative behaviors. It was week in which there was also exchanged individual national experiences to try to find a solution to the labor problem. 


During a meeting with the governor of the region we were talking about renewable energy , investment plans and support for entrepreneurship. Geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, wind. Turkey has all the conditions for future development in the sign of the green economy. 


A project has one of the most distinctive characters especially the intercultural aspect. ​​To understand how much we have in common and what makes us different. During the projects we exchanged  local best practices and tried to get out of our comfort zone speaking in English or the language of the other.

We established a great friendships and cooperation and created a space for potential future partnerships together. It was amazing to be a part of international community,  those young active people with inspiration and enthusiasm just created such a new motivation. 


I think that this course was very useful and gave me a lot to my personal and professional life.  I am sure that staying abroad in the talking group  was  priceless experience about history, culture and whole lifestyle of different countries. Placement with international students and other people gave me knowledge about different society and division around the world, which definitely  will help me in my further studies and career.

This training course was very catching for me, I think it can wider  my insight into the world cultures and help me to fasten the my transition from my university to work life. 


Beáta Serafinová

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