WOSOCOOP – Work on Social Cooperation – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action1: training course

Venue: Casarsa della Delizia, Pordenone, Italy

Dates: 25 January – 1 February 2015

Participants: Domínik Novotný, Martina Otřísalová

Project websitehttp://www.wosocoop.eu/

Please read the project info-packinformation leaflet and daily activities schedule

Project info

Aims: The project WOSOCOOP – Work on Social Cooperation aims at tackling youth unemployment by promoting participation and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. The project is in line with the Action KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals of the new ERASMUS + programme, which includes, among other activities, mobility for young people and youth workers.

The main pillar of the project is the Training Course “Youth Unemployment: Working on Social Cooperation”, based on Non-Formal Learning Methodology. The training course will gather youth workers and young leaders from different organisations based in EU and EECA with the aim to tackle the issue of Youth Unemployment with particular attention to social work and the cooperative sector.

Objectives: The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To help youth’s access into the labour market, by providing them with necessary skills and knowledge (i.e. CV and Motivation Letter writing techniques, hints to pass a job interview, working with E-Job Databases, introduction to the idea of Cooperative);
  • To promote youth’s involvement in voluntary work, conceived as a starting point towards the labour market;
  • To reflect, discuss, share opinions and experience on youth unemployment issue in different European countries;
  • To stimulate unemployed youth’s mobility and active participation in the society;
  • To encourage the creation of future projects within the Erasmus + Programme targeting unemployed youth.

Project report:

The project WOSOCOOP in Italy was perfect. We worked all together on project about social cooperation. We learned a lot by non-formal way. We also discovered and visited many places including theaters, museums, social helping centers etc.

We traveled to Pordeone and Venice. This cities are typical for Italy and we could see everything with commentary by organisers. This project was quite different then the others in accomodation. We lived in Italian families and that was perfect experience. Our family was friendly, helpful and prepared everything for us.

Our food was also typical for Italy. We had mostely pasta and salate. We had nice group so our time in Italy was really short and I hope that I will be still in touch with the others.

Dominik Novotný

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