Discover Green Jobs — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Lahage, France

Dates: 23-31 July 2018

Participants: Jakub Hodulík, Diana Kmeťková, Pavlína Holečková, Ludmila Pátá

Group leader: Petr Jirků

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Hosting organisationAssociation 3PA

Project report: 

What comes up to your mind when hearing about France? Crispy croissants, adorable French language, lavender and cities you always wanted to visit? We have experienced all of that and much more during our stay on the Discover Green Jobs youth exchange!

The very first day when all of the participants arrived to our place we had a big diner. It was prepared for us from local people connected with the organizing association called 3PA. On the very last day we prepared international meals for them in return. We stayed in the city of Rieumes near Toulouse in a boarding school. The original plan – to sleep in tents – had to be changed as all of the facilities in Lahage was not ready yet.

The next day the participants got to know each other, we played name and communication games and did ice breakers. Petra also divided us into cooking teams. In every team there was just 1 person from each country. In that teams we had been given a challenge cooking task and had to come up with ideas what and how to cook diner for almost 40 people. Just to cook in such volume was an experience itself. We had more tasks connected with this collective life topic. Petra was person in charge of the whole project. She is originally from the Czech Republic but currently she lives in France and help the 3PA association.

As the programme was full of activities the following days we discussed, learnt and experienced a lot. We learnt more about the climate change, calculated our carbon footprint and talked how we can decrease it. But the activities were more practical then theoretical and we also got our hands dirty! We helped the association on the field with harvesting potatoes or preparing onions, made our own solar oven and boiled eggs in it, made soap or made bricks out of clay, straw and sand. We also discovered which plants are eatable and helped with the work on wooden roof for donkey shelter on the carpenter workshop.

We also had a great time on our Toulouse trip. Volunteers showed us the city, some of the participants went to Natural history museum and botanical garden and then we also had free time in the city. We also took a trip to Pyrenees Mountains where we visited goat farm producing bio products and a shepherd. We had delicious picnic there and in the afternoon we went for a short hike ending up with a relax by the lake.

To sum it up it was a great week. Sounds good to you also? Would you like to experience something similar? Do not hesitate and apply for a project and enjoy your own adventure! During summer holidays 2019 there should be another 3PA youth exchange so here is your chance! Grab it!

Petr Jirků

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