EU – Between the Challenges and Benefits — Germany & Belgium


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Dates: 3-13 November October 2018

Venue: Osterholz-Scharmbeck & Bremen, Germany & Brussels, Belgium

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Participants: Martin Buzek, Mirek Bálek, Kristýna Karešová, Tereza Friedrichová, Lukáš Václavek, Kristýna Slouková

Group leader: Andre Zakuťanský 

Hosting organisation: NaturKultur e.V. 

Participating countries: Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Greece and Germany

Participants’ fee: €35/participant

Project report: 

EU between the challenges and benefits was a project that focused on introducing the innerworkings of the European Union to youth from mostly eurosceptic countries. It took place from 3.11.2018 to 13.11.2018 in Osterholz-Scharmbeck (Germany). There were 46 participants from 7 countries: Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Litvania, Spain, Italy and Greece.

1st part of the project took place in Germany where we focused on workshops about the importace of EU, its history from the beginning to this date, its current problems, challenges and their possible solutions. Workshops consisted of small group works about these topics and later presenting our work and opinions to others. The most important thing to me was that the organizers didn’t force us their opinion and listened to our because some of the topics were a bit controversal. It was interesting listening to opinions from people from various culturally different countries. Each night reflexion process took place where we could discuss everything that happened each day and the organizators were able to modify the programme acording to our needs.

4th day of the project began the most interesting part of it, we went to a 2-day long study trip to Brussels. In Brussels we visited the European Parliament where we learned how it works. Later we visited the European Commission where they had prepared a few interesting presentations about for example: climate change and Erasmus+. 2nd day of our Brussels visit we had a free day that gave us an oportunity to visit beautiful sights in Brussels.

Before our departure back to Germany we had a chance to discuss EU matters with local politicians from a nearby region. Last part of the project we went on a trip around Bremen where we had a global village where we presented and introduced our country to locals.

The project was well organized and I enjoyed it a lot. I was very happy that I had a chance to také part in this project and other participants were very nice and friendly.

Andre Zakuťanský

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