You Are the Leader of Tomorrow – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Youth exchange venue: Târgu Ocna, Romania

APV (advance planning visit) dates: 19 – 22 June 2016

APV venue: Târgu Ocna, Romania

Youth exchange dates: 21 August – 1 September 2016

Participants: Monika Gregorová, Martin Kubiš, Filip Vodvářka, Markéta Smolková, Daniela Kaňková

Group leader: Vojtěch Vrabec

Please read the info-packYouth Exchange daily programme a APV daily programme. Please also watch a stop motion movie on CV writing:

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria

Hosting organisationTholus NGO

Project report:

Now after the project, all six Czechs are full of new memories which make them smile all the time. The project „You Are the Leader of Tomorrow“ was held in a small town of Slanic Moldova approximately 300km north from Bucharest. Together with the participants from Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Austria and hosting team from Romania we really did some development of our personal skills.

Every day was arranged differently – according to the categories of Youthpass, so every day we learnt new things from many areas of interest. At the beginning, we were just a group of random people but by the end, we ended up as a team. Activities done during this project taught us how to communicate when both sides of an argument are convinced about their truth, we found out our personal limits when persuading others and also we found out that the process of actual leading must not be theoretical but actively provided by the leader.

The most practical activity on topic how to be a leader had been done unexpectedly during the day of Digital competence. We had to create a video by the stop-motion technique and the only instructions we got were about that everything is up to the group how it will manage the work. And we had to manage our time, our roles, everything.

Moreover, we knew that everybody came from different cultural area and social class, with different religion and opinions. And we found out that the group as a whole was unique because nobody was pushed aside by anyone. The respect amongst each other came in naturally and as a leader of the Czech group, I am positively surprised how fast we got through the first fear of being respected or not. Not even a language barrier was considered as a problem amongst the participants.

The project venue was in a rural area, so we took a small trip around the surrounding hills and we really found out what the Romanian life looks like outside the capital city. Horses, farms, combined with motivated participants… for me I can say that this project was a holiday for me and also very interesting school of personal skills. I can speak for the whole group that we arrived home relaxed and happy. Thanks EYCB!

Vojtěch Vrabec

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