Out of Box — Lithuania


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3., training course

Venue: Merkinė, Lithuania

Dates: 20 – 28 September 2013

Participants: Hana Manová, Miroslav Šulc, Kristýna Berková

Project report:

Training course Out of the box in Lithuania  was focused on Public Relations. Participants were from 10 countries: Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, 
Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania and Poland and Czech Republic.The course took place in the beautiful countryside in Merkiné. 

During the course, we tried how to write press release, how to found Facebook like page, how to make a poster, how to pomote our project and how to present during the press conference. Organizers provided us also with feedback to our public performances.  But the aim of this course was not only a public relations, but we played many various informal games through them we learned a lot about ourselves, about our stereotypes, manipulation, fears etc. We also talked about new ideas how to make an interesting project. We tried our national dishes during national evenings and danced tonational music (I wouldn believe how can man party hard Balkan Music). And more – we visited capital of Lithuania Vilnius.

Hana Manová

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