S.T.O.P. Violence — Portugal


Programme: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: multi-phase project consisting of a training course (TC) and a youth exchange (YE)

TC dates: 14—19 November 2021

YE dates: 13—20 December 2021

Venue: Braga, Portugal

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Malta



Czech team: Kamila Š.(GL), Matěj Matoušek, Lukáš M., Vendula Z., Tomáš J.

Project report:

Recently, I received one of the most valuable experiences of my life- “S.T.O.P. Violence” project in Braga, Portugal, which took place during 13.-20. December 2021, organised by Adolescere NGO. This was more than just an youth exchange, it is an amazing opportunity that reminded me how beautiful it is to discover new people , each representing a different culture and traditions. I would also like to thank all the participants from all 6 countries ( Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Malta and our Czech team) for the vibe and positive energy that each of them spread, and especially for all the good memories that I will never forget. 

I felt every moment, every day spent in Portugal, with the most wonderful participants, people who emanate kindness and light and whom I got to love from the bottom of my heart during these days of the project. We were discussing very sensitive topic of violence – domestic, school bullying, sexual and others. We had also very good and experienced leader Kamča in our team, thanks to her we were working more effectively and she managed perfectly every small issue we had. 

Firstly, many participants had problem to open themselves and share their negative experiences with violence, however soon everybody understood that it was a safe place to share anything. We had also visit of the professionals from the field of psychology and also we could visit the NGO, which helps the victims of the violence. It was very interesting, but also heart-breaking at the same time to hear all the stories.

It was one of the most active and exciting projects, we learned how to organize our time, how to delegate tasks in a team, and the most importantly we created a handbook of violence, which can help also the other young people, who will find themselves in similar situation.

Erasmus projects are the ones that charge you with energy, with good will, give you amazing knowledge and bring you much closer to cultural diversity. I met amazing people on the project, Czech team was much more than a dream team. Thank you EYCB for sending us and giving us all the information and support needed. I came home not only with the experiences and knowledge, but also with great friends in my heart.

                                                                                                                    Lukáš M.

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