Youth Ambassadors of Sustainability — Bulgaria


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 21 February—1 March 2022

Venue: Smolyan, Bulharia

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: International Youth Activity Center Bulgaria

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia

Czech team: Nikola Novotná (GL), Anna Novotná, Alžběta Sirová, Sabina Trinity Marrero, Anděla Matějková, Tereza Medlíková, Martin Sklenář

Project report: 

Welcome to Bulgaria – Country with beautiful nature and amazing traditions .I am really glad  I had the opportunity to travel to the Smolyan where the project took place.

The project called „Young ambassadors of sustainibility„started 21st of february and took eight days till 1st of March 2022.

Besides our czech team there were other 5 nationalities. Portugeese, Serbians, Romaninas, Bulgarians and one girl from Croatia.

Our leaders put together an educational program for every day. Thanks to the teambuilding activities from the 1st day we were able to cooperate in every aktivity or project creating which were prepared for us.

And what was the project actually all about?

According to its name, the main topic was sustainability and rasing awareness about it.It was mainly about the environment but also about food production and its waste and about textil industry as well. Thanks to the activities, disscusions,projects and campaigns we made in the international groups we are now really well aware of this topic, we gained a lot of knowledge, experience and we learned how to communicate with others, and how to enforce our opinions. This was the perfect opportunity for improving our english as well.We had also some workshops for example about the influence of mass media, fake news and how not to be manipulated by them.I can´t forget on the intercultural evenings,that were amazing for all of us. We tasted food and drinks of other countires, saw tradicional dances and music and it was just fun.

Thnaks to this project we can now become more considerate of the environment and our planet and also be more saving about everything to produce the lowest waste as we can.

Now looking back i really have to say that we really enjoy it. We have experience,new knowledge and friends and a lot of memories.

A great THANK YOU belongs to EYCB and all agencys of Erasmus+ all around the world for giving these amazing opportunities for young people how to be more educated , travel more, learn more and have  great experience. 

                                                                                                          Martin Sklenář

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