COOL Learning – Norway


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Hornsjø, Norway

Dates: 3 – 11 April 2017

Participants: Dominika Váňová, Markéta Bálková, Petr Vrchota

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Hosting organisation: Stiftelsen den reisende høgskole

Participating organisations: Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, France, Romania, Spain, Malta, Greece, Italy, Turkey

Project report:

Do you want to spend a week in the middle of nowhere and learn something meaningful in a group of other motivated people? Then you have the great opportunity to travel to the small Norwegian town called Hornsjø. Situated an hour away from Lillehammer by car, this Cool Learning offered a fantastic experience for all those who work with young people.

It was my first Erasmus+ experience abroad. I was captivated by the theme of this training course. Its goal was to empower young workers who have been working with young people with fewer opportunities, unemployed young people, immigrant kids, rural youth, Roma young people etc. From my experience I could see many motivated and enthusiastic young workers who have been unfortunately frustrated by their demanding jobs or who have lacked the necessary skills. Therefore, it is essential to empower them.

At this training course I experienced a surge of positive energy and motivation that strengthened our capacities to work with young people. There were more than 30 participants of different nationalities, backgrounds, age and life experience who came from 12 countries (Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, France, Romania, Spain, Malta, Greece, Italy and Turkey). Each of us shared our own stories and experience which enabled others to realize our jobs are important. I realized all of us tackle similar challenges despite working with distinct target groups. This fact was very crucial because it showed us we can be more resilient, be inspired by successful practices and learn from mistakes of others. During the whole week we practised the cooperative learning method focused on participation of everyone. Our lecturers Endre and Eva prompted us to solve conflicts and problems, to play distinct roles in a group, to be creative and innovative. Each of us was involved actively because we set up the initial rules no one would be judged for their opinions. The last part of the training was dedicated to working in groups of 6 people who made its small project to involve the rest of participants. Our group focused on the heated issue of how to motivate young people and how to encourage them to participate as active citizens in their respective communities.

I believe the very important part was also during daily meals, evening program and also leisure time activities when we could meet each other and discuss informally about number of topics. We usually had a lot of fun in the outdoor activities in the snow and many of us used indoor swimming pool, sauna and table tennis.

I am very grateful for an opportunity to take part in this Cool Learning. Thanks to this week I became more aware of every-day challenges of other European young workers. Thanks to this week I could see an enormous determination of everyone in doing their work that inspires me for my own future. Thanks to this week I made many friendships across the European continent.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Petr Vrchota


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