You Can Fight Back — Greece


Programe and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Dates: 16 – 23 November 2013

Venue: Athens, Greece

Participants: Eva Janečková, Michal Havelka, Martina Nekolová, Martina Vyplašilová

Project report:

The project “You Can Fight Back“ took place in Athens, Greece from 16th till 23rd November 2013. All together there were 9 countries (the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and Greece), 5 people from each, 45 people in total.

This project was focused on the topic of bullying, racism, physical fighting and victimization. During the presentations we have learnt about the problems that each country has to face and in the end, we have realized that some of the problems are similar and together, we can help each other. That is why we were analyzing the situations and were trying to find a solution.

Unforgettable was the visit in the organization “The Smile of the child” which was established by a single small child that has lethal illness and the creation of this programme was his last will. His idea has flourished into a huge project helping thousands of people these days. Even his brother is working in this organisation, putting all his effort into this work by creation of the radio and TV talk shows for young people. These people we met here were simply incredible and full of energy. The most important message from this project, at least for me, is that everybody can do something! All he or she has to do is just to realize that!

The important part of this project was getting to know other cultures, mostly the Greek culture. Athens is considered the cradle of Western civilization and it is true while going through the city, you meet a piece of history on each of your steps. It was incredible and magic to unravel the secrets of ancient times thank to Acropolis, various temples and other interesting places. Moreover, we have also learnt a lot about other countries that participated in this project.

Even though a lot of problems occurred during this project, all that remains is to learn something from them and remember only the great time we had together in Greece! 

Eva Janečková

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