Don’t Crush It! Creative Recycling — Lithuania


Programme & Action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Ignalina, Lithuania

Dates: 1-9 August 2013

Pax: Michaela Ondráčková, Alžběta Nováková, Sylva Bartakovičová, Filip Bartakovič, Alžběta Králová

Project report:

This project of Youth Exchange we participated in took place in Lithuania, exactly in Ignalina, 1-9th August 2013. Young people from different countries (Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Czech Republic of course), four people and one group leader from each country gathered in Ignalina Dostrict, arend 100km north of Vilnius.

            Ignalina´s countryside was charming, as well as lake which was just next to our accomodation (in very nice wooden log cabin). We had even a posibility to use sauna on the shore of this lake, visit Vilnius with its beautiful castle on the hill and many statues, cathedral and artistic street in this contemporary and ancienit capital city. We visited the Old Town, which is in the UNESCO list of the World Heritage.


            During this program, we learnt about different and variol possibilities how to recycle. Reuse, reduce and recycle was the motto. One day we went to Ignalina city and had a „cleaning action“, collecting the waste we found in the nature. Organizers with the help of participants cleaned the picked rubbish and next day we were creating anything you could imagine from this collected plastic. All participants created candleholdres, flowers, jewellery and all beautiful stuff from this material. The last day we went to the city, close to the lake where we presented all things we made from this material to people all around this place. We involved people and children, so they could make something nice from the plastic. So with our help they made something they liked. We had a lot of posters, free hugs and dancing we prepared in advance for the public.  We found a lot of new friends and met a lot if interesting people from all around the Europe. 

Alžběta Králová

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