Don’t You Fake It — Croatia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Vrsar, Istria, Croatia

Youth exchange dates: 10—18 October 2022

APV = Advance Planning Visit): Zagreb, Croatia, 2—5 September 2022. APV will be attended by one representative from each national team.

Czech team: Magdaléna Blažková (GL), Anna Gryčová, Tereza Mikudová, Veronika Bulířová, David Stehlík, Zora Kallusová 

Please read the info-pack. Please also check out the project video.

Hosting organisation: Amazonas

Project report:

Don’t you fake it!

Project focused on media literacy and desinformation fighting took place in Vrsar, which is beautiful coastal town in Istria, Croatia. The project started on the 10th October and ended on 18th October 2022.

We had a large group of young people, including youngsters from Czech republic, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia and Hungary. Thanks to the best organizators from Croatian organization Amazonas – Iva and Blaž, it was a wonderfull experience, which enriched all of us.

We learned lot of things, starting with media literacy basics. Proffesionals taught us about how media works, why they use senzationalism, how to work with new media and most importantly – we learned that we should analyze information we see in the media. We had also workshops on how to recognize whether an information which is given to us via media is true or false.

One of the last workshops was focused on MoJo – mobile journalism and participants learned how to make a journalistic video only with their smartphone. People were divided into groups and every group made their own video about desinformation.

I believe that every workshop was really usefull , especially nowadays, when we are overwhelmed with information and sometimes it’s hard to tell what is true and what not.

I believe we had the best group of people, there was a great energy between us the whole time and the project went smoothly. Not only that we cooperated easily during learning activities, we also enjoyed each other’s company in our free time. In the end it didn’t even felt like we have different cultures and speak other mother tongues.

Least but not last, the place was amazing. Vrsar is really nice town and the hotel where we stayed was perfect. We had a buffet meals three times a day and the food could not be better.

To sum this up, if you consider going on a project, just do it. It is a lifechanging experience which cannot be described. You have to live it.

Magdaléna Blažková

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