E for Equality – Ukraine


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Lviv, Ukraine

Dates: 18 – 25 November 2015 

Participants:  Kristina Kvapilová, Martin Beneš, Roman Častulík

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule.

Please also read the workbook “MEDIA AS A TOOL FOR ACHIEVING EQUALITY” (with some tricks to remember for LGBT activists in cooperation with media). The content of workbook is very shortened version of what was learn by participants during the training. Together with them we embodied this knowledge in this small workbook which maybe could be useful for the active members of NGOs who work with LGBT communities.

Participating countries: Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Moldova, Czech Republic

Project report:

Meeting of new people, new knowledge, working on useful things, feeling that you want to destroy the universe with your energy to fight against discrimination, networking and intercultural dialog, those awesome experience you could find at ERASMUS+ project about LGBTIQ and media E for Equality which was again and successfully organized by great NGO PORA in Brjuchovich, village near to Lvov in Ukraine and I am so proud that me, my boyfriend and my friend could have a chance to be a part of this amazing week in Ukraine.

Everything (also cup of coffee before our journey) started in our hometown Brno and after 15 hours we were already in the village Brjuchovic where we had a programme and which was unfortunately not so friendly place for us, participants from abroad. Maybe it was because of the Ukrainian nationalism which is even more radical than last years.

Our programme was this year again really great, especially the part of it in which we were simulating real work of journalist or TV commentator. This is my very favourite method of the non-formal education called learning by doing which is in my opinion the most useful of.

We appreciated also how amazing were organized all of Intercultural nights we had. Presentation of Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine and also our were for everybody such a great opportunity to find out lots of useful information about differences between our countries in field of LGBTIQ community, culture at all, traditional cuisine and traditions. This year we also met such a good friends especially from Turkey and that is why we are planning to visit them in Istanbul on March.

But mainly I want to say thank you to our organizers Kristina and Nazar, who made such a comfortable and nice atmosphere. Second person we should say thanks is our Ukranian trainer Nadya, who was really professional and kind all the time and who gave us a lot! And last THANK YOU we should send to our coordinator Jana from NGO EYCB, who had such a hard work with our incapable behaviour sometimes.

So, how one of the Ukrainian partisan told us: “Slava Ukrajině!” which means “Glory to Ukraine!”

Martin Beneš, Roman Častulík and Kristina Kvapilová

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