Just Think About This — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Sarata Monteoru & Buzau, Romania

Dates: 12—21 January 2024

Czech team: 2 participants.

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: FPT Buzau, Romania

Project report:

Buna Ziau from Romania. Welcome to a country located in Eastern Europe, where Dracula comes from.

The project Just think about this took place in Sarata Monteoru & Buzau, Romania during dates 12-21 January 2024. Youth from 15 countries across Europe met here for the project Just think about this in order to increase their competences in the field of critical thinking.

Informal and non-formal learning methods were applied during the project Just think about this. The primary working language was English and the sessions and workshops were focused on ability of critical thinking . Attendees of this project enhanced their soft skills, communication skills and overall developed competences and knowledge needed for youth work. Creating and managing activities that involve critical thinking. Debate, media literacy, fake news, political correctness etc.

Goals that we reached during the this project by carrying out activities and sessions. Thanks to participating in sessions like world Café, theater, debate, presentation and video creation we developed mentioned skills above and achieved project goals.

During the free time, participants had time to get to know each other, find out interesting things about their culture and raise the cultural awareness. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing experience and a great project! We all met really kind people from different countries. 

I’m grateful that I had a chance to take a part in this good project.

I’m very thankful to EYCB for making this possible.

Jan N.

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