The Nature of Human Rights — Iceland


Where: Borgir, Iceland

When: 20-27 July 2012

Participants fee: €100

Participants: Klára Čencová, Michal Brumar, Jan Buchalcev.

Project report:

The seminar called “The nature of Human rights” took place in magnificent Icelandic nature. Our base was set up in wooden cottages in the middle of nowhere. We had our own privacy and the only place where we could hang out was a common room or hot tob. Due to that fact, we became instantly friends with each other really fast.

The leaders from different countries spent the preparation week right before the exchange took place. They prepared nice program for all days and all the activities had a point and came in a right time and place. Human rights were discussed everywhere. Different methods like role plays, discussions, games or even activities during the hikking took place.

The final all day hike was the main goal that the seminar leaded to. Gained knowledge were put together and it made a really nice ending to the program.

Jan Buchalcev

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