Vision of Europe through the eyes of young people from the countries of Visegrad Group – Poland


Programme: Visegrad Fund

Venue: Nowy Sącz, Poland

Dates: 3 – 8 September 2017

Participants: Matěj Keka, Zdeněk Rod, Marek Kunc, Ondřej Ticháček, Lucie Máčiková, Lenka Švancarová

Dress code: Business Standard/Business Attire/formal

Please read the INFOPACK and the project brochure

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

Hosting organisation: Europejski Dom Spotkań – Fundacja Nowy Staw

Project report:

First of all, I would really like to thank European Youth Center Břeclav for giving me this opportunity to participate in European Forum for Young Leaders in Nowy Sacz. Second of all, I would like to tell you something about our experiences, program, excursions, and workshops that we participate there.

I will briefly describe what event that we participate was all about. 12th European Forum for Young Leaders was from 4th until 8th of September which has been held in the city of Nowy Sacz in the Southern part of Poland in Malopolski region. It was a platform for young leaders and entrepreneurs from all around Europe where they could discuss their opinions, participate in round discussions, workshops and especially gain new contacts which in nowadays world are the most important source.

I and other five members of our group had arrived on Sunday. We´ve been accommodated in cozy pension 15 minutes by walk from the main hall where all the events took place. On Monday starts our part where we had to prepare for our discussions that we are going to be part of. From my perspective organizers, Mariusz, Monika, and Aneta give us all the help that they possibly could. We had a roundtable discussion which had to prepare us for discussions since for most of us it was a new experience. Monday was also the first time that we met other participants from Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

On Tuesday we have participated in two workshops. One in the morning and second in the afternoon. I personally choose workshops about coaching skills and self-improvement which I consider as really helpful. They helped me exceed my perspective on my skills and what I have to work on. During the evening there was an official banquet where we had the opportunity to gain new contacts with people from other parts of Europe, which I consider as one of my favorite activities.

During the Wednesday we had table discussions from a lot of inspiring people whose were discussing among each other about future of EU, Visegrad group. Also experts on the wide range of fields, like business entrepreneurs, young startup leaders. During the evening there was a polish international evening where we could taste and experienced the polish cuisine and also polish popular music.

On Thursday we have moved to another city called Krynica where the main part of European Forum took place. I like this part most because there was a huge range of workshops and lectures that we could participate in. We could choose from e.g. European migration policy, Fake news in Russia or even from Cryptocurrency and Entrepreneurship. In the evening there was an international evening of all the participants from Forum for Young Leaders. There were more than 30 countries and you could taste the wide range of food and drinks.

To somehow conclude this European Forum I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is not afraid of leaving their comfort zone and want to get in touch with people from all corners of the European continent.Organizers did their best and provide us with all help that they possibly could. There were some organizing mistakes, but since it was the huge event for 400 participants from 40 countries, I don’t consider it as lack of organization skills.


 Me personally I gained a lot of new contacts which I think will be very useful in my future work. I also experienced table discussions and interview in English for the first time, which also helped me a lot in realizing what are my weaknesses. I really like workshops and lectures on Thursday because it was really an inspiration to listen to all those politicians, professors, businessmen, etc. about current issues in the world. And finally, I would like to add just don’t hesitate and take this opportunity because it can definitely change your life.

Matěj Keka


Europe Startup – Meeting of Young Leaders

Europe needs new development plan. The European Union, which recently undergoes many changes, has to find new leaders, new teams  who will be able to respond creatively to the modern challenges. This is the only way to realise the projects of future. This year in September young leaders from all over the Europe worked on such innovative ideas. During a five-day meeting they took part in Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz and Krynica Zdrój in Poland. They participated in workshops, study visits and discussion sessions with the representatives from the world of economy, politics and business covering subjects of the future of  the European Union. They were establishing contacts and getting to know Poland as a country which is modern, innovative, has it is own point of view and ability to join new communities.

Young entrepreneurship is a starting point for further thinking about the future of the Old Continent. Economic involvement of youth impacts not only the development of particular countries but also the whole Europe. Taking the challenge of launching own business is crucially important. It is especially visible in Central European Countries. For instant, Poland sets example here as a country where self-employment accounts for 1/3 of all businesses. Jan Dziedziczak, under-secretary of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs  stated that Poland has a justified opinion of currently the best developing country. In his speech in Economic Forum of Young Leaders the encouraged young people to acquire new experiences and not to be afraid of failure. He also shared with young leaders his recipe for success:  You have to watch successful people, be with people smarter and older than you who achieved success. This is a key to self-development – to have a leader who will be a role model for you.  However, the participant from Romania Ciprian Dragomir noticed that is difficult to achieve anything on your own: It is not about being the leader, it is not about having the best idea it is all about joining the appropriate team. The meeting in Poland contributed to building such teams who work together on promotion and launching new startups.


Economic Forum of Young Leaders created a space which gave youth the chance to express their opinions, get know Polish point of view and establish cooperation. As one of the participant from the Czech Republic Matěj Keka said that the integration of young people from European countries is necessary as only thanks to this the UE will be able to compete with China or the United States. To sum up, young leaders, their entrepreneurship, dedication and creativity has the biggest influence on the shape of the Europe. The future of Europe is created here. 

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