HumanitYouth Campaign — Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Recoaro Terme, Italy

Dates: 16 – 24 June 2017

Participants: Mariana Harvanová, Vojtěch Zach

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Hosting organisation: Studio Progetto

Participating organisations: Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Spain, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine

Project report:

From June 16 to 24, a small Italian town of Recoaro Terme hosted a very interesting group of guests. More than 25 people from as many as 12 European countries came to attend the HumanitYouth training course, which was organized by an Italian organization Studio Progetto and designed to provide cultural exchange experience and education in the field of multiculturalism.

This “treminar“, which is the term used by its organizers, combines training sessions with seminars which took place at the premises of a nice and cozy Hotel Trettenero.

Recoaro indeed saw a wide range of nationalities, with participants coming from Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Albania, Hungary and even Azerbaijan.

The training course was led by two trainers – Endre and Mara – who did really a fantastic job. Everything was well organized and although the course was at times really intensive and demanding, we learned a huge amount of things, both theoretical and practical, during that week.

The main training activity was offline and online campaigning. We learned what an offline and online campaign actually is and then, in smaller working groups, we invented, prepared and performed them ourselves. As for the offline campaign, we raised awareness about refugees’ situation in the city of Valdagno using our own ideas and as for the online campaign, we had to make a short video showing one of the problems associated with migration in a creative way. Apart from these main activities we learned also about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Model of Intercultural Sensitivity.

What is more, I really enjoyed cooperation with the other participants and overall, we had a really good group. The diversity of nationalities also enabled us to learn about the situations in each of the countries, which I personally found very interesting, since some of the countries are still affected by ongoing war conflicts, which is something we cannot really well imagine here in the Czech Republic.

During the week we also met in person 4 refugees from Nigeria and had the opportunity to spend a whole afternoon with them. We really appreciated this opportunity, because we could finally change the abstract terms migration and refugees in our heads into concrete people who have concrete problems. Then for the last evening, we were invited to a charitable dinner in Valdagno where Syrian food was served and refugees worked as waiters. Around 200 hundred people attended the dinner and the atmosphere was really fantastic. Perfect end to a perfect week.

To summarize, we had an amazing week full of fun but at the same time full of hard work, and we learned lot of useful things from which we will benefit in the future. It was all made possible also thanks to EYCB, so we are very grateful and looking forward to future projects!

                                                                                                                                                                                            Vojtěch Zach

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