Earth — Our Beautiful Planet — Germany


Programme: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Dates: 2—12 August

Venue: Campsite Juliusplate, Berne, Bremen, Germany

National team size: 7+1GL

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: NaturKultur e.V.

Participating countries: Germany , Croatia, North Macedonia Luxembourg, Czech Republic

Czech team: Nikola Ručková (GL), Veronika Římanová, Marie Koubová, Zdenka Hlavatá, Kateřina Mladá, Erik Teplý, Dominik Majewski, Lucie Indrová, Vojtěch Vrabec, Petr Wolf

Project report:

This project was named Earth- Our Beautiful Planet – 2.8.2021-12.8.2021 (Bremen). Our organizers were great Sasha and Slobo with so many another amazing facilitators. This project was focused on environmental topic, so we were camping, sleeping in tent and had shower for 5 min/day only. First day was hard, some of us were traveling 15 hours or more, so we had only a small party during the night. But next day we started to get to know each other, and we created our own rules as well. Afternoon we got some basic information and had first workshop and then reflection. During the night we spend some time on the beach and played some games. Day three we started with some trust building games and after amazing lunch we were in groups and spend afternoon with treasure hunt game. After dinner was our first intercultural evening – Macedonian, so we were dancing till night. Day for was all about hiking, but hiking at all… in that place were no mountains so we were walking only for so many ours and did some sightseeing. After dinner we moved to the beach side again and a party. Day five was more about theatre, we were in different groups and tried to show some environmental problem and solutions by this method. And we loved that! I still can see some great potential actors in my memory. The evening was all about Croatia, so we were eating and dancing again. Day six we spend on the North Sea side. We were playing some games, swimming and chilling. But in the afternoon was huge ebb, and then was no sea at all. So we were swimming in the mud. But we actually loved that more then a water. After dinner was Luxembourgish evening and we learned some words as well. During the morning on day seven we had amazing workshop about environmental crisis when we role political parties and villagers and tried to solve the problem behind. And it was amazing, the best workshop ever. Afternoon we had open space for workshops done by the participants. We were dancing bachata, did some workout, learned to use poi, learned Arabic language and even more. During the night we did some games and spend time on the beach. Day eight we had kanu trip and it was the funnies day! 14 kanu boat and more then half of people didn’t know how to drive it. So we spend even more hours on kanu because of that, but it was full of laugh. But because we were so tired after this trip and also rain started we moved our Czech night to next day. Day nine started with silent morning, we couldn’t speak for few hours and it was really funny. Afternoon we did again some workshop and after dinner was Czech night. So we were wearing socks in sandals, prepared so much food, made a short show and were dancing as well. Day ten was really sad everyone knows that it is our last day together. In the morning we did some workshop and made a plan of future project which we have to do after home coming. In the afternoon was closing ceremony, we got your youthpass and for the last time we had a reflection. We fried sausages on the fire for a dinner and had our last party on the beach. After this project some of us stayed in Germany but often in different cities. For me this project was amazing, full of energy, laugh, fun and of course of great people. Thank you EYCB for creating this opportunity, thank you Sasha and Slobo for such a great project and also thanks to everyone who was there with me. Hope to see you soon. 

PS: Thank you – kitchen stuff- for amazing food, I brought home two more kilos with me.. hahaha. 

                                                                                                             Nikola Ručková



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