Youth and Creativity in Conflict Transformation — Georgia


Date: 17-27 October 2012

Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia

Pax: Katarina Cseriová, Michal Kadaňka, Lenka Rejzková, Jan Blinka, Tereza Ondřichová

Programme and Action: Youth in Action programme, Action 3.1.

Project report

We took part in a wonderful project „Youth and Creativity in Conflict Transformation“ in October in a small but beautiful country Georgia in a small town Kobuleti right next to the Black Sea. The aim of this project was to make participants familiar how to manage a conflict situation peacefully. We also learnt about conflict´s Dynamics, escalation and prevention. Each day was about something else, one day we were analyzing a conflict and next day we tried to make a conflict. Some people lost their believe in humanity as such because organizers made a great job with an XY game and created a very big conflict among participants. Fortunately this distrust didn´t last long just till night. We had two trips, one to Zugdidi, which is located near the breakaway republic of Abkhazia, and the other one was to Batumi with lots of fountains, extravagant buildings and many cars. During our trips we had typical Georgian dinner and it was our pleasure that we have a „toast“ person who taught us how to behave like Georgian.

Each night we had a cultural nights so we learnt not just about Georgian´s culture and food, but also about Azerbaijan´s, Armenian´s, German, Italian, Estonian culture and food. At the end of the project in small groups, grouped according to our interests, we made some materials to show our approach to conflict. There was an interview video, stone balancing video, where we showed that we do not give up, whatever happens (it was raining all the time ), leaflets, gallery, etc. 

This project lasted 10 days but every day was worth it. We met a lot of new people, made new friendships, learned a lot and the most important, during the whole project we were having fun and enjoying our lives. It would be my pleasure to be there again.

Katarina Cseriová

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