Empower Yourself: New Entrepreneurial Paths for an Inclusive Society – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Sasso di Castalda, Italy

Dates:  11-19 August 2016

Participants: Lucie Gergelová, Radka Kočvarová, Eva Pitrunová, Jana Kohoutová

Please read the info-pack & daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland

Hosting organisation: Trainers Association

Project report:

This project was from 11. to 19. 8 2016, but first day we gathered at 8pm in Naples and the bus took us to the project place and we left our accomodation last day at 5am. So at all we spent 7 days on the project. This exchange took place in Sasso di Castalda. There were participants from all counties (Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland) and girls from Poland with main organizator from Italy prepared program for all members.
During the exchange we had many teambuildings, energisers and main activities were thinking about some problem and try to find some solution or some particular project. Mentioned topics were food wasting, agriculture in city, refugees, teamwork, CV and youth employment, urbanism, social companies, etc.
Food was provided and cooked in the hostel. One morning we visited national park. In Italy is common to have siesta time from 12am to 4pm, so during this period are also shops closed.
We had enought time during whole project to know more our cultures, there were also intercultural nights where we presented our national food, traditions and habits.
There was possibility to travel after and before the project so we were also in Naples or Pompei.
Jana Kohoutová

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