Entrepreneurial Mastery: Crafting Success through Mindset, Collaboration and Planning — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Balatonszárszó, Hungary

Dates: 18—26 January 2024

Czech team: 3 participants 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: MeOut Group

Project report:

Name of this training course? Might sound a bit scary or confusing?

No way! This training course, which took place in Balatoznszarso, Hungary, from 18 to 26 January, was the perfect course to prepare us for all the possible pitfalls and obstacles that we, as young entrepreneurs, may encounter.

8 countries participated in this course. We were accommodated in a beautiful campus right by Lake Balaton.

During one week we covered topics such as – teambuilding, entrepreneur competences, self-assessment, time management, motivation, future vision. All these workshops and lectures we had the opportunity to try out in practice. And we did it on simple activities but also on the worldwide known principle of shark tank – short presentation of the company/product/business plan to investors and trying to convince them and get the necessary investment to start the business. This activity was very much enjoyed by all the participants and at the same time it was a tough fight with the investors to get the valuable investment. In the middle of the project we were given a free day, which most of us used to explore the beautiful city of Budapest, which we all enjoyed very much. Another interesting activity the organizers prepared for us was a lecture about eco projects and a talk from an herbalist lady who changed her life by 180% at the age of 40 thanks to her passion, started a new business and at the same time discovered her new passion in life. We all enjoyed her story and lecture very much and also got the opportunity to purchase her natural products from her garden on the spot.

It was also a great benefit to try to build your own business plan, using various evaluation analyses and then presenting it to others. This activity, not only taught us new methods, but also gave us the opportunity to think again, discuss and get advice from other participants about our business ideas and thoughts. It greatly shifted the motivation of a large part of us to implement the given plans and ideas, which had long remained in the back of our minds. 

Overall this project was very successful, we took away a lot of new experiences, knowledge and most importantly a lot of fun.


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