InsideOut 3 — Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Amalur Madre Tierra, Alicante, Spain

Dates: 22-28 April 2018

Participants: Lenka Rigerová, Tomáš Homola, Anna Pavelková

Participating countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Spain

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Hosting organisationAsociación Promesas

Project report: 

Commo estas?? Muy bien, y tu? One of the words which we learned in Spain. We spent almost one week at Training Course in there.  The Training course InsideOut3 was in Amalur Madre Tierra, Alicante, Spain and we were 3 participants from the Czechia. The beginning of the project was on 22 th April and ended on 28th April. There were three people from each country: Czechia, Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Romania and Spain.

I want to really appreciate Javi – one of the organizators of the project for amazing preparations and organizations. Other thanks belong Dominique and Sylwia who were our lecturers and they had guided us through the process of personal development because it was one of the purposes of the whole project. We tried to reconnect with our inner worlds of emotion, passions, and need. We found how to develop our talents and passions and really it was so deep self-discovering.

This project was really special because we try to improve our abilities and realize what is really important in our lives and how can we make properly transition.

The project had a few topics and each day was dedicated to one of them. Topics were What is Talent?, Awareness, Vulnerability, Resilience, Future projects. 

Even one day was dedicated for discovering to Alicante.

We had a wonderful accommodation on a farm which was situated in an amazing landscape and we had delicious vegetarian food. We could taste a lot Spanish dished which were prepared in the vegetarian version.

All of Czech team agreed that it was so stunning experience which was bringing a lot of inspiration for us.

Tomáš Homola

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