Making Growth Sustainable: Co-Creating Solutions through GREEN Entrepreneurship – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Bodo village, Timisoara, Romania

Dates:  13-22 September 2016

Participants: Gabriela Volfová, Tereza Kiedroňová, Adam Gaura, Sharon Shlangman, Klára Otepka

Group leader: Lukáš Koupil 

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Participating countries: Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Macedonia

Hosting organisation: The Romanian Institute for Youth Development

Project report:

A small village in a middle of nowhere, yes, even like that can a youth exchange look like. Do not get fooled though, a village experience can be sometimes stronger than a city one – and it was.
An experience that consisted of 40 young people from 7 European countries: Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia.
In the first days, with the great help of our organizers from Romania, we got to know one another and realised we all have so many in common. After that, when friendships were made, we were ready to get working. The topic of the project was a combination of green and bussiness thinking. I can say that organizer group knew what they were doing. They managed to get us concentrated on the topic and work hard through all kinds of different activities. Our final project was to think of a bussiness idea using green thinking while after that we received a feedback from a professional in this field.
Know it or not, our exchange was not only about hard work, but also about getting to know a little bit of Romanian culture. That’s why we were brought to Timisoara for one day to see and observe the true Romania.

That all was Making Growth Sustainable: Co-Creating Solutions through GREEN Entrepreneurship, a youth exchange in a beautiful village of Bodo. A village that consists of Hungarians and Romanians. A village in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful village.

Lukáš Koupil

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