Future Leaders — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Olsztyn, Poland

Dates: 23-29 April 2019

Participants: Henryk Paciorek, Martin Zeman, Sandra Stachová

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Hosting organisation: Youth Human Impact

Participating countries:  Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal

Project report:

“What does it take to be a leader? And to become one?”

Most participants certainly shared those unspoken questions when embarking on the “adventure” of the recent Erasmus+ projet “Future Leaders”.

The agenda of the international meeting was well designed to provide implicit answers. In addition to sessions dedicated to leadership styles, the ingenious mounting exposure to situations where the teams had to interact in a more and more engaging manner have created natural opportunities to experience leadership rather than just discuss it.

The course proved that the dynamics of the group has to be allowed to develop over a sufficient period of time in order to make the members realize that a real leader is not the one who always tries to be in control or sparkle with ideas but those who come up with solutions for the whole team in difficult and decisive moments. Although genetics and upbringing are likely to play a role, it is very often the circumstances that bring out the best of people and give rise to true leaders unexpectedly.

The multinational aspect of the project is an extra bonus, making it evident yet again that the harmony between and external unity of the EU nations begins with the microlevel understanding between individuals from a wide range of ethnical and cultural backgrounds. The progress achieved by each participant in appreciating European heritage and values is thus another important reason why such initiatives deserve international recognition and support. The organizers should be strongly encouraged to follow up on the contacts established and to review regularly outcomes of cooperation between participants that will certainly ensue.

Henryk Paciorek

“Future Leaders”, Olsztyn (PL) 23.-29.4.2019

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