Soften Your Skills — Croatia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 27 September—3 October 2021

Venue: Zagreb, Croatia

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Ekonomska Klinika

Project report:

Welcome to Croatia, the holiday country for most Czechs. But this time, our Czech team was sent here not for a vacation but for the Soften your Skills project that lasted for a week. We met and learned about new cultures since the participating countries were The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Lithuania and Croatia. Each country sent 4 participants and 1 group leader so we made great group of 25 friends. We were all staying in a beautiful hostel in the centre of Croatia’s capital city – Zagreb. 

Thanks to hosting Croatian team we got the chance to experience the beauty of the city during the day and even night when we could admire the calmness of the place from nice views we wouldn’t find without our local friends. We got to learn about, taste and experience Croatia and all the other countries in the most creative ways. 

Great friendships were made and strong teams were formed which led to enjoying all the activities in such a friendly environment. The project helped us to learn more about business environment and how to act in it. We discussed whether non-verbal communication is as important as the verbal one (it is) or if we would be able to solve any kind of workplace problems (now for sure!). The final task of the program was to form teams and prepare and present a pitch for a new useful product. We all enjoyed it and learned so much about pitching that I feel like in a year or two you’ll hear about 5 new Czech entrepreneurs! Or at least we will surely use gained knowledge in our every day jobs. 

                                                                                                                               Anna Koucká


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